NDH  Cinema is a  full service  production  house offering  high-end cinematic  video  and
photography. We bring a front-to-back solution to your creative needs, ensuring a smooth
and detail oriented  process from   pre to post-production.   No budget   is too small  if the
project  is  right, and our  services  are never limited  to a specific type of production.  Our
international   experience  sets us apart,  and brings a level  of creative  ingenuity that has
cultivated a unique, and recognizable style.

Owner & Operator: Nick Hernandez

Outside of my large scale  productions through NDH Cinema,  I work as a freelance Director of
Photography based out of  NYC.  My passion lies in traveling with a camera in hand, whether it
be for still or motion photography.  Documentary and video  journalism  are at the heart of my
creative drive, while  sports, fashion, studio, and corporate  production have  refined my style.

I am  available for  hire on a  daily or per-project basis, and  love to diversify  my creative  work.
If you are interested in my services or collaborating on a project, please visit my CONTACT page.